post session timeline


gallery sneak peek

First, in the next day or so I will have a sneak peek up on your online gallery to tide you over while I work my magic on the whole session. I can’t wait to show you the magic we were able to capture. The gallery will be locked until after your viewing session but you get to see a sneak with the album cover!


viewing & Ordering

In the next few weeks I will be finished editing your session and we will then schedule a viewing and ordering session. At that point we will sit down and decide on the products you're interested in ordering and discuss what you plan on doing with your images to store them for years to come. Now is a great opportunity while you're waiting for me to finish up to start thinking of potentially where you want to display these images. Check out our Product Guide links below that gives a more in depth description of the products.


online gallery release

After you've placed an order of prints/products/digitals your online gallery will be released Once that is released you can share it with friends and family and it's a great place for grandparents to go order their favorites as well.


social sharing

Also after the viewing session I will post some of the images on social media. This is when it gets fun! Everyone loves changing up their profiles and I obviously want you to show them off but please remember not to screenshot or copy/paste the images but instead "share" them to ensure the quality is awesome. If you choose to purchase digitals we will also then create a mobile app of those images that you can download to have easy quick access to share with friends as well.